Accessories/Cooling Unit
Cooling Unit
  • Rackmount Fan Trays, Horizontal.
  • Keeps Your Rack-Mount Equipment Cool.
  • Vertical model installs in the front or back of any 19" cabinet or rack at any position on the rails—you can even put it at the bottom if your most heat-sensitive components are there.
  • Vertical model is positioned at a 90o angle, so air is distributed more evenly to both top and bottom-mounted components.
  • Horizontal model takes only 1U of rack space.


The 120mm AC cooling fans can be installed either in the front or rear of the cabinet to increase air circulation 
and cooling air-flow to keep equipment cool and reduce system downtime. 
Installed in the Front or Rear of the Cabinet .
Extends Server Life and Minimizes Downtime.


Item NO.Height(U)Fan(Set)Width(in)ColorQuantity
1U Cooling Unit-1U2F1219Black
1U Cooling Unit-1U2F1219Beige
1U Cooling Unit-1U3F1319Black
1U Cooling Unit-1U3F1319Beige
1U Cooling Unit-1U4F1419Black
1U Cooling Unit-1U4F1419Beige
1U Cooling Unit-1U6F1619Black
1U Cooling Unit-1U6F1619Beige
1U Cooling Unit-1U9F1919Black
1U Cooling Unit-1U9F1919Beige
3U Cooling Unit-3U3F1319Black
3U Cooling Unit-3U3F1319Beige


01.For installation into 19" unit
02.Height(mm): 44mm
03.AC Input 110V
04.Noise level : 47dBm
05.Air flow : 9.2m3/min
06.On/Off Switch
07.Color : light grey, RAL 7035
08.Lifetime warranty (1-year warranty for fan)